Following the Debanjan incident, the officer’s ID card will also be checked in the blue light vehicle, according to traffic police sources.

#Kolkata: After the Kasbar Debanjan Deb (Fake IAS Debanjan Deb), after Beniapukur, the Kolkata Traffic Police issued strict instructions in the case of blue light vehicles. With the increase in the number of fake fraudsters with blue lights (Car with blue light), the Kolkata Traffic Police has taken strict action. If you see a blue light or such a car, not only the paper check of the car, from now on the traffic police will also check the identity of the officer in the car. If there is any suspicion, the police station will be informed immediately

According to traffic sources, this work has started from Tuesday Checking is going on in different parts of Kolkata if such vehicles are suspected If the suspect has a blue light vehicle, the identity card of the occupant along with the vehicle accessories will also be checked. Vehicle documents will also be seen If you see a car with a defense or police sticker, it would not have been checked like that before But the way the police stickers are being misused all around, the Kolkata Traffic Police will take strict action only if the police stickers are illegally affixed in the parking lot. If there is illegal parking, it has been instructed to remove the car with a crane As a result, the way cars were parked everywhere in the lockdown can no longer be done Traffic police will take strict action

A total of six people, including Debanjan Dev, were recently arrested in the Kasba vaccine fraud case Devanjan was traveling in a blue light car with the identity of IAS There is no end to the misdeeds of this demon in the case of vaccine fraud with the identity of fake IAS. On Tuesday, a sergeant of the East Traffic Guard saw a car with a blue light The car was stopped due to suspicion The occupant of the vehicle identified himself as a Central Vigilance Officer Beniyapukur Police Station arrested the person named Asiful Haque after seeing his fake identity. Every traffic has been instructed to take strict action by the Kolkata Traffic Police after such incidents of misuse of blue lights.

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