Home in crisis, Raj Chakraborty next to Bibhutibhushan Banerjee’s family

Kolkata: Raj Chakraborty beside the family of Bibhutibhasana Banerjee He met and talked with the successors of the novelist’s family The Banerjee family has been facing problems with their homes for a long time The star MLA has promised to solve their problems as soon as possible

After the death of the narrator, his wife Rama Bandyopadhyay built a house on Barrackpore Station Road. In the local area, the house is known as ‘Bibhutibhushan’s house’ His successors now live in this house Besides, many things used by writers are also preserved in this house In that respect, it is also his ‘memorial building’

The residents of the house have been in trouble for the last few months Allegedly, the onset of the problem revolved around a construction work A shopping complex and multi-storey building are being constructed next to their houses at the initiative of the municipality The wall next to the house of the late writer has collapsed due to him There were cracks in the house Water is boiling on the first floor of the house Complaint 6 of the Banerjee family

The pressure between the two sides has been going on for the last few months The writer’s daughter-in-law Mitra Banerjee and grandson Tathagata have complained to the media. The municipality has already assured help But his family has not been able to dispel the fear of damage to Bibhutibhushan’s belongings at the memorial.

This time MLA Raj Chakraborty assured them of a speedy resolution of the issue He went to their house and saw the whole matter and talked to them Raj 8 reported the matter on his profile on social media

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