In the end, the Congress will hold the hand of the grassroots? High Command’s ‘mind ki baat’ said Shikha!

#Kolkata: This time, however, the Congress will leave the Left-ISF alliance and join hands with the Trinamool. Addressing the high command, the leader of the party said, ‘What is your mind?’ Disagreements over an alliance with the ISF in the state had already arisen within the Congress. A few days ago, Adhir Chowdhury, the President of the Provincial Congress, claimed that the Congress did not ally with the ISF, the alliance was with the Left. But then, in a meeting with Abbas Siddiqui in Furfura Sharif, veteran Congress leader Abdul Mannan said he would not listen to anyone who wanted to dictate. The alliance with the ISF and the Left was directed by Delhi. But on the same day, Shikha Mitra, the wife of the late Somen Mitra, the former provincial Congress president, called the ISF a direct sectarian.

Shikha Mitra visited Bidhan Bhaban on the occasion of the birth and death anniversary of Bidhan Chandra Roy. There he said, ‘There is no way to stop the BJP but to unite. In India, a party like BJP cannot run the country. Their goal is the fight of religion. I think it is better to do everything in alliance with the grassroots. The people have brought the grassroots. You don’t have to go against them. We have to move together. I would say the same to the High Command. The high command is also supporting the grassroots. There is no question of supporting any communal party.

Shikha added, ‘I voted twice for the grassroots. I left on my own. I do not believe in defections. But the truth cannot be denied. Some leaders of the party can give personal opinion. But the attitude of the high command towards the grassroots is clear. According to the political circles, what Shikha said on this day is his personal opinion? Or was he given the responsibility to inform the High Command about ‘Mann Ki Baat’? If so, the outline of the 2024 Lok Sabha vote is already clear.

In a meeting with Abbas Siddiqui, Abdul Mannan said, “If Delhi says there is no alliance, I will accept.” In 2011, Delhi said that it was forming an alliance with the Trinamool Congress. On the instructions of Sonia Gandhi, I submitted my nomination to the Rajya Sabha but withdrew it. Again the demands of the anxious camp are different. In such a situation, Shikha Mitra’s remarks on this day provoked new speculations.

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