Madan Mitra Vs Dilip Ghosh: Madan Mitra Vs Dilip Ghosh

#Kolkata: Debanjan Deb, the protagonist of Kasba Fake Vaccine, blamed Dilip Ghosh for the issue. Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati, blamed Dilip Ghosh. On the one hand, while the fingers of the opposition are being raised again and again with the picture of Devanjan Dev caught in the fake vaccine scandal with various leaders and ministers of the ruling party, Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra pointed the arrow of blame at the BJP president.

Claiming that the BJP had a deep conspiracy behind the fake vaccine scandal, Madan said on Thursday, “Dilip Babu says there are Debanjans in different districts. They also have a list of where they are. In fact, they are the ones who introduced the Devanjans, so they should know. Everyone’s names will be known only after interrogating them. ” Besides, Madan Mitra said that all efforts are being made by the administration. Those involved in such crimes will be caught soon.

Meanwhile, Dilip Ghosh is also not silent. The state BJP president has mocked Madan Mitra as a ‘joker’ in the face of reporters’ questions about Madan’s allegations. He said, “He is one of the few clowns in West Bengal politics. No one ever cares what he says. So there is nothing to worry about. Whether he said it at night or during the day, let’s see. “

Besides, Dilip Ghosh also demanded an investigation against all those involved in the vaccine fraud. Debanjan Deb was recently accused of running a fake vaccine camp in Kasba. Later, sensational information came to light. It is learned that Debanjan had been running a parallel cycle inside the municipality for a long time under false pretenses. He has also been seen in several government events. The names were also found on a plaque with government leaders and bureaucrats.

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