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Many people know more or less about the mental exhaustion or baby blues of mothers after childbirth. But you know, men have the same problem. The first step of fatherhood may be very simple and happy but not. The ‘blue’ of depression can sit upside down. Research shows that around 10% of new parents worldwide suffer from the same problem (Male Postpartum Crisis or Daddy Blues). One study found that the problem increased to 8% in the first 5 years of life after becoming a parent. And this problem is more for those who are younger. If left untreated, it can lead to chronic depression. So it is important to take care. This is the advice given by the eminent surgeon of the city

Q: What is the reason for this ‘Daddy’s Baby Blue’?

A.: Some physical and some environmental factors are responsible for this problem. Lack of knowledge to raise a child – Many new parents are worried about raising a child properly. As soon as mothers can unite with their children, fathers often do not. Their path to unity is somewhat different and time consuming.

At this time the new father often thinks of himself as an outsider. Moreover, the problem is exacerbated by crying children, being overly responsible, and the wife not understanding him.

Husband-wife physical relationship ... Photo: Symbolic Husband-wife physical relationship …
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Financial and career worries – Financial worries can also be a bit emotional at this point. Again, this may be due to concerns about whether caring for a child has any effect on one’s career. Changes in the normal relationship of husband and wife – not getting a good night’s sleep for the baby, can be bad mood for the husband-wife physical relationship is closed.

Q: Do you understand if you are suffering from this type of depression? What are the ‘symptoms’ in that sense?

A.: There are several behavioral differences between the father and the child. E.g.,

· Unnecessary irritability or resentment · Abstinence from children and wife · Intoxication থাকা Problems with depression in yourself or someone in the family হওয়া Unnecessary upset, crying or reluctance to do what you like · It took a long time to get the problem of the wife’s baby blues

Q: What is the solution? What steps can be taken to save yourself from this?

A.: Elephants and horses are nothing. Many parents can avoid this fatigue if they take some simple steps regularly. E.g.,

The most important thing is to prepare yourself mentally to enjoy fatherhood. And to do that you have to look at the body. So you have to eat well on time. হবে Need to exercise regularly. হবে Must rest

Emergency sleep on time Picture: Symbolic It is important to sleep on time
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করলে If the baby cries at night, you need to get some sleep during the day. না Do not take too much work pressure for a while রাখা Keep yourself away from alcohol or any other intoxicants. করা Share your emotional state with your wife, siblings, mother, father or close friend. · The biggest thing is to go to a psychologist if it doesn’t work. It is the father’s responsibility to take care of himself, his children and his family. He needs to think that he must be healthy. If you can, leave the baby with someone else in the house for a while, walk with your wife for a short time, spend some time alone, but it can work like magic to alleviate this fatigue.

Information: Gynecologist and IVF Specialist Dr. Indranil Saha
Photo: Collected and from Indranil’s Facebook

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