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Kolkata: Mimi opened her mouth again with a fake note. He claimed in the tweet that he had suffered physical and mental pain.

Coroner was vaccinated. Suspicion of not receiving the message. Inform the police. Debanjan Deb’s forgery comes to the fore. A few days later, Jadavpur Trinamool MP Mimi Chakraborty fell ill. The treatment begins. Now you are much better than before. However, the pain did not completely subside. “I am suffering mentally and physically in this incident,” Mimi wrote on Twitter. Everyone has prayed for me. I am grateful to everyone.

Mimi Chakraborty's message on Twitter Mimi Chakraborty’s message on Twitter

Vidya Mannao is suffering from mental anguish. His son Shantanu. Devanjan used to work in Dev’s bogus company. Police have also arrested Shantanu. Mother Vidya is getting sick frequently due to her son’s thoughts.

Shantanur’s house is in Haripara of Taltala Vin used to cook in the state After the death of his grandfather, his mother lived alone at home Shantanu returned home in lockdown last year Then he started looking for a job Devanjan used to work for Dev for 500 rupees a day Later he worked in Devanjan’s bogus company That Shantanu is now in the police net. Elderly mother helpless.

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