Opponents of BJP’s oppression in Tripura! Where is the Human Rights Commission, the question is grassroots

#Kolkata: The BJP is repeatedly targeting the grassroots with post-poll violence in Bengal. The state government has also faced reprimand in the Calcutta High Court in this regard. The High Court has even summoned a report from the National Human Rights Commission. However, Mamata Banerjee herself has alleged that the post-poll violence was completely orchestrated by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. This time, the ruling party of the state took the path of counter-attacking the BJP with Tripura in the forefront. Trinamool MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, “In Tripura, the Autonomous Council votes. The BJP produced bad results there The new team bears good fruit. They have been persecuted ever since. Where did the commission go? No agency is investigating.

Sukhendu Shekhar added, ‘We are condemning the Tripura incident. Why no action has been taken in all the states where BJP is in power? Innocent people have also been killed in Shitalkuchi. I am drawing appropriate attention to the incident in Tripura. The BJP has made a mockery of human rights. ‘

Incidentally, CPM workers across Tripura are being beaten up by BJP-backed miscreants, as alleged by Tripura’s left workers. Recently, CPM workers were openly beaten in Teliamura area when they went to submit a deputation to the police station with a five-point demand. In the public interest, the Left is carrying out protests all over Tripura. The CPM’s mass organization Tripura Kshetmajur Union had planned to go to Teliamura sub-divisional police station with a five-point demand. At the same time, 12 people, including Ajay Ghosh, a member of the editorial board of the CPIM Teliamura sub-division, were attacked. Allegedly, the police were virtually inactive even though the incident took place in front of their eyes.

According to political circles, as the Assembly polls in Tripura progress, so does the amount of political violence. According to many, there is another psychology behind this violence. In fact, Biplob Deb administration has caught the worm. In this situation, the lower echelons of the BJP are trying to retain power by destroying the confidence of the strong opposition CPM. This time the Trinamool came to the meeting with Tripura which was their target. The ruling party has alleged that the Human Rights Commission has not taken any action against Tripura as it is a BJP-ruled state.

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