Railway Minister will take personal initiative to run trains in Bengal? The BJP MP gave the letter

#NewDelhi: 6Regarding the launch of local trains in Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that once the local trains are launched, the corona infection may re-emerge. Therefore, the government is not thinking about launching local trains till July 15, sources said. But the BJP has also launched a political attack on the launch of local trains in the state. This time, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta wrote a letter directly to Railway Minister Piyush Goel on the same basis. He has demanded the personal intervention of the Railway Minister in the petition to start local trains.

Earlier, another BJP MP, Locket Chatterjee, was also vocal in demanding the opening of local trains. This time another BJP MP was seen writing a letter. Note that the rate of corona infection in the state is declining. Restrictions have been relaxed in a number of areas in the state, ranging from opening government and private offices to launching bus services. But now the state government has not given any green signal to launch local trains.

Incidentally, rail services, especially local train services, have not yet been introduced in Bengal. Metro service is also not completely normal. Whether it is local train or metro, everything is running as a staff special. But people from all walks of life don’t get a chance. Due to this many people are creating various problems. Problems are being created especially in the professional field. BJP MP Swapan Dasgupta wrote a letter to the Railway Minister this time informing him that buses, taxis and autos were plying due to the slight relaxation of the lockdown ban. So where is the difficulty in running the local train? The BJP MP pleaded for appropriate action at the Center.

In a letter to the Railway Minister, BJP MP Swapan said the lockdown situation was due to an increase in corona infection in late April. That is why local train and metro services were also shut down. But over the last two weeks, the lockdown situation has eased a lot. Restaurants, gyms and saloons have also been opened. Buses are also coming down the road. But unfortunately local train and metro services were not normalized. As a result, those who use trains as a means of livelihood are in ultimate trouble. The Eastern Railway, South-Eastern Railway and Metro services should be normalized again in the greater interest of the people of Bengal.

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