Simple old nameplate, a touch of change on the porch of the assembly

#Kolkata: Ten years later, the state’s three heavyweights, Perth-Bobby-Jyotipriya, have been replaced. Pulak Roy, Rathin Ghosh and Bankim Hazra got new plaques. These are all houses of the state assembly. Where the ministers of state will sit this time. Let’s start with Perth Chatterjee. Next to the Chief Minister is the house of Minister Perth Chatterjee. However, his house did not change. However, the nameplate of the house has changed. He has been living in this house since 2011 as the Minister of Industries and Council Later he became the Minister of Education but he used to stay in this house. This time he was re-appointed as the Minister of Industries. However, he will sit next to the Chief Minister. However, the name plate has changed before the start of the session. The new blade is already sitting.

One of the changes is in the house of Firhad Hakim. The last house in the block where the Chief Minister sits is that of Firhad Hakim. He will, of course, sit in the same room. Although his office was changed, the house in the assembly was not changed. Badal is the plaque of his house. This time he was the Minister of Transport and Housing. He was also the Minister of Urban Development. Shobhandev Chattopadhyay’s house is next to Firhad Hakim. His office has changed. But the house did not change in the assembly. The plaque of his house was changed this time. He was the Minister of Power and now he has become the Minister of Agriculture. As a result, the plaque of his house has also been changed. However, the houses of the two ministers of North 24 Parganas are side by side. One of them is new this time. The office of the other has been changed Jyotipriya Mallick’s office has been food for the last 10 years. This time it has changed. The new office he got is the forest department. But he has the house he has had for the last 10 years. However, the plaque of his house has changed.

The new food minister Rathin Ghosh got a house right next to it. Rathin Ghosh, of course, is the first minister this time. He got a new house. Next to it, of course, is the house of ugly faith. He was in charge of the Public Works and Sports Department. This time he got the power department. His house is of course the same. However, the blade has changed. Rathin Ghosh is the only new minister to get a house downstairs. Everyone else got upstairs. According to assembly sources, a special house was given to full ministers. Houses are usually divided into large rooms for independent ministers of state. This time a total of 44 houses have been earmarked for all the ministers in the assembly.

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