The veranda of the century-old house collapsed in a hurry in Bagbazar! Residents rescued by cutting grill – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: After the intense heat of the day, it rained all over the city in the evening But in the rain of that time, a fatal accident happened Part of a 100-year-old house with a porch collapsed in Bagbazar. After the incident, the fire brigade personnel went and rescued 8 residents trapped in the house

The approximate age of the house at 16B on Bagbazar Street will be 140 years Part of the veranda of the old house collapsed in the evening storm. 12 residents were trapped. Firefighters later cut off their grills and rescued them. The accident happened around 9 pm on Wednesday

According to sources, everyone is unharmed. Residents were rescued by a 40-minute effort by the fire and disaster response team. There are about 6 families living in that dilapidated house Police have sealed the dangerous house after the accident.

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