TMC Quick Response team: Whether it is flood or not, this time the grassroots quick response team is on its way for eight to eighty.

#Kolkata: This time the Trinamool Special Youth Quick Response Team (TMC Quick Response team) was on its way. The team is being formed in the districts to deliver all kinds of help according to the needs of the people. Saini Ghosh is always taking care of the whole matter.

The monsoon is likely to cause huge damage in several areas of Hughli. With that in mind, the Trinamool Youth Congress has formed a quick response team in every area. In the same way, this time in North 24 Parganas too, a quick response team has been formed at the block level at the initiative of the district Trinamool Youth Congress President Devraj Chakraborty and the activists of the active Youth Congress. The volunteers of this team will reach out to the people living in the 63 containment zones of this administratively identified district to help them in any need. There are also plans to form a Trinamool Youth Congress Quick Response Team at other district levels as per local requirements.

If you want to contact TMC QRT, you have to call the above number. If you want to contact TMC QRT, you have to call the above number.

As per the instructions given by party leader Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Youth Congress is now trying to be by the side of the people especially in the aftermath of this Corona and Yas Cyclone. Trinamool Youth Congress workers in every district of West Bengal are taking various programs according to the needs of the district. Quick Response Team or QRT is the main soldier of that work.

Saini Ghosh said in this context, we want to spread this initiative from block to block. Mamata Banerjee says people need help in this situation. They have to be by their side in a selfless way. QRT is doing that.

The same melody is in the throat of Devraj Chakraborty. Devraj said, just doing politics will not do. People need to be by people’s side. QRT will do the same throughout Bengal.

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