Tripura Crisis: Suddenly two MLAs from two camps of Tripura BJP in Delhi! Mystery is brewing …

#Agartala: Tripura Law Minister Ratan Nath suddenly appeared in Delhi. Known as the spokesperson of Biplob Dev, this MP suddenly made a noise in the political arena of Tripura about his journey to the capital. One group says he has been summoned by Delhi to expand his cabinet. Again the issue of reformists is also coming up.

Not only Ratan Nath, but also agitated MLA Ramprasad Pal is in Delhi at the moment. Why did the two leaders of the two camps appear in Delhi at the same time? An explanation from the political circles is that the image of Monomalinya Biplob Deb with Sudip Shibir is deteriorating. So in this case the central BJP can find a compromise formula. One by one the two sides put the main pillar in front.

Moreover, there may be talk of West Tripura MP going to the cabinet of Pratima Mandal. Political observers in Tripura say the idol is the leader of the Revolutionary Camp. He has long been the BJP’s Tripura president. He lost in the assembly but got a ticket in the Lok Sabha. There is an opinion that the idol may be taken in the cabinet to get the tribal mind. Again, as the protests against Biplob Dev continue to grow, with more than twenty MLAs expressing no confidence in BL Santosh, the question is whether Biplob can be removed and someone else can be made the Chief Minister. In that case Ratan Nath can project the name of the idol circle like a formula.

On the other hand, the political circles have speculated that Sudipta’s close Ramprasad has been called Damage Control Control. The BJP knows very well that the CPM will take away the soil if it cannot stop the damage at the moment. That is why this activity of the center.

2023 Bird’s eye view of Tripura polling station. He is telling about the activities of the central BJP. It is learned that JP Nadda is going to Tripura for the first time after July 10. Earlier, he had taken reports from other central leaders, including BL Santosh, to measure Tripura’s water. Representatives of the two camps have visited Delhi at various times. So it is needless to say that Nadda will go to Tripura with full homework.

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