Ashok Dinda: No security cordon, Moyna MLA Ashok Dinda came to the assembly driving his own car!

#Kolkata: Straight from the playground to the political arena. Ashok Dinda has won the election for the first time. An hour before the start of the Assembly session on Friday, Ashok Dinda, a BJP MLA from Maina, reached the assembly by car. On the one hand, when the BJP camp was uncomfortable with the central security forces of the Leader of the Opposition, it was quite eye-catching for the new MLA to drive himself without any security.

MLA Ashok Dinda, before entering the assembly, said that there are multiple problems in the autopsy of his assembly constituency. We have already talked to the Leader of the Opposition about that. If he gets a chance, he will raise more than one such demand of all the common people in the assembly.

Ashok Dinda is one of the faces of Bengal cricket in the assembly. In cricket’s ‘Naichanpur Express’ 2021 assembly polls, Ashok defeated his nearest rival Sangram Kumar Dolai of Trinamool by 1409 votes. However, the ruling Trinamool candidate Sangram Dalui has filed a case in the Calcutta High Court challenging the results of the autopsy. Apart from Nandigram, cases have been filed against the results of four other assembly constituencies. Among them is the autopsy assembly constituency.

The election of 21 has been ruined. But in a few centers, the BJP has practically sold its value. One of which is the Moyna Vidhan Sabha constituency. Dinda got 1 lakh 8 thousand 256 votes in the election. Since joining the BJP, Dinder’s activism in daily life has increased. As much as he worked hard to keep himself fit on the field, he also gave his all in politics. Has been campaigning for regular voting in the net. He continued to preach in the streets of Maina.

He was also attacked on March 30 during the campaign. Besides hitting him on the shoulder with a brick, the glass of the car was also broken. That’s when he was given Y Plus security. But the fearless Dinda continued to preach with more enthusiasm. Political circles think that his ‘swag’ entry in the assembly today will separate him from the crowd.

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