Balagarh TMC MLA Manoranjan Bapari regrets joining politics ‘I may not have come to politics’, says Trinamool MLA Manoranjan

#Kolkata: He has made a mistake in politics It seems that the Trinamool MLA of Balagarh is entertaining Manoranjan Babu, who became a MLA for the first time, made this comment in a post on his Facebook page He also admitted that his perception was under the pressure of people’s expectations after becoming a MLA.

After becoming a MLA, he bought a Toto to reach out to the people. The writer, who has been living a childish life for a long time, had planned to reach out to people and try to solve their problems by running Toto. Many people have welcomed the initiative of the MLA of Balagarh

But in reality the experience of entertainment is different Because thousands of people are crowding at his door every day with their problems If you are a MLA, that is normal But it is also a matter of entertainment for everyone to realize that it is not possible to meet the expectations of the people in the way they seek solutions to their problems. And that has become the cause of his embarrassment In the words of the entertainer, the man cried, “Hahakar is bleeding like a sharp knife inside his chest.”

Entertainment dealer wrote, ‘I’m out of breath. I’m really in trouble. Looks like I probably didn’t get it right when it came to politics. When I was away, when I didn’t know anything like that, I was a little happy. Now seeing everything – knowing directly – I can not sleep well any night. What a trouble I am forced to get up in the middle of the night and walk. ‘

According to the MLA of Balagarh, people look at the expectation and it seems that he has a magic wand With which he will be able to solve all the problems He wrote on Facebook, ‘I can give the unemployed person a job if he wants, whose broken house can give him a nice place to live. Suchikitsa can give him that sick. In that hope they come and stand at my door as soon as the sun rises. That crowd is no less than eleven or twelve at night. Their weeping, wailing seemed to pierce my chest like a sharp knife. Causes bleeding. ‘

In an apologetic tone, the entertainer concludes by saying, ‘They consider me to be as powerful as God, who has got what he wants. But I am a very insignificant person. If I could, I would wipe away all the tears, all the cries, all the pain of not being able to. They think I am God But I am nothing but a straw earthen statue. ‘

On this day, for the first time, he took part in the session of the state assembly However, after coming to the assembly, the MLA of Balagarh wrote with the picture inside the session room, ‘I have come to the assembly. I am sitting on the last bench. I entered here for the first time in my life. There is so much to learn and know. I have to say after that. ‘

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