Before the vote was ‘Tumpa Sona’! This time a new parody left to pierce the grassroots with the vaccine

#Kolkata: Again, the CPM supporters took the Trinamool Congress by one hand through parody. Tumpa Sona parody of the Left went viral on social media before the Assembly elections. They attacked the ruling party for stealing rice from Sarada and Narda. However, the election results did not have much of an impact. On the contrary, this time CPIM has remained in the void.

However, even after that, the leftists did not hesitate to mock the grassroots again with parody. This time, two leftist supporters Rahul Pal and Nilabj Niyogi have made a parody against the ruling party over the fake vaccine scandal.

The two youngsters have arranged their words to the tune of the popular Bengali song ‘Ek Tanete Jite Teman’. They did not stop mocking Sarada and Narda in that song. “One was Sarada and the other was Narad Kello. Kovid Thamar also filled the vaccine with adulteration”, the song started with this line The song also mentions the names of Trinamool leader Firhad Hakim and Mukul Roy, who has just returned to the Trinamool from the BJP.

The name of fake IAS Devanjan Dev has also come up in the song. The parody writer also slammed Mukul Roy’s return to the grassroots. But not just grassroots. The BJP has also been mocked in this song. PM Care Fund and Mann Ki Baat and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s beard have been taken hand in hand. In the graphics of this song, Trinamool and BJP have also been branded as BJP roots. The song has already spread on social media.

Brilliant verdict

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