ISF MLA Nowshad congratulates Biman Basu on ‘Keep the torch of the Left at bay’

#Kolkata: Thursday was the birthday of Biman Bose. Naushad Siddiqui, the only MLA of the United Front, paid homage to the veteran leader on his birthday. Nowshad shared a picture of Biman Babu in his Facebook post and wrote, “Be a steadfast pillar, give shade of vegetation, give love, keep the torch of the left in your bosom. Lots of love and happy birthday chairman.”

Before the 2021 assembly elections, the CPIM, the Congress and the ISF formed an alliance. Although there was a lot of discussion about this alliance before the vote, the United Front got only one seat as a result. Nowshad Siddiqui of ISF also got that seat. Already the Congress has begun to sound out of tune. There is a lot of talk about this alliance even inside the Left Front. A few days ago, Forward Bloc leader Naren Chatterjee told the Congress and ISF directly about the CPM.

In this situation, Nowshad’s message is only about friendship or something extra, speculation. Note that Nowshad went to introduce Biman Basu and called him chairman. In other words, Nowshad is not the leader of the alliance, but also the chairman of Biman Basu’s Left Front.

There has been repeated speculation in the political arena about the future of the alliance. CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra, however, said the CPM did not want to let go of any party. Although many claimed to have seen such an election result, many did not take the alliance with Abbas Siddiqui of ISF well. There was speculation in the political arena that the Left was trying to cut the votes of the Trinamool minority. But the results of the joint vote with the ISF did not wash out in the end. But let’s see what they do now.

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