Kabir Suman Live: ‘Medical services like in Bengal are not available abroad’, Kabir Suman is ‘live’ from the hospital! The melody sounds …

#Kolkata: Oxygen tube stuck in the nose. Cheek-filled prickly beard. Coughing while talking. Stopping. Starting again. He is comforting his dear fans by bringing a smile on his face even in his weak body. In this way, lyricist and artist Kabir Suman made perhaps the most different kind of live. Sitting in the hospital bed, the musician greeted the doctors’ day live on Facebook.

On Facebook Live, Kabir Suman praised the medical services of SSKM Hospital. Clearly, the hospital of the left has changed a lot in the time of Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee). There has been a radical change in the medical infrastructure. Sumon told Kurnish to all those involved in doctors and health services on the special day of Doctors’ Day on Thursday.

Sumon Live said, “My treatment started from Monday morning. They started my treatment with outstanding activity. It’s only been three days. I feel much better now. ” Sumon also said that the doctors and nurses have an impeccable role behind his recovery. “My doctor friends are at the root of this feeling of well-being,” he said. Those who are busy with medical work are waking up night after night. There is no filth, there is nothing but a smile on their face. And affectionately they are doing this. This place of affection is great. ”

Sumon also raised the issue of what was the health infrastructure of the state during the Left Front government. In his words, “At that time people were afraid to go to government hospitals. Now people are going to government hospitals. The achievement of the West Bengal government is incomparable. I don’t know when civilized people will evaluate it. ” Sumon said he had seen the best hospitals in France, then West Germany, Holland. But the hospitals in West Bengal are far ahead of him. In his words, “The most important thing for the hospitals in this state is human touch. Although he takes care of patients sincerely in foreign countries, he has a professional background. But here is a place of kinship. The West Bengal government has been able to bring about this change. ”

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