Kasba: Crying for son, arrested on fake vaccine, Shantanu’s mother is starving

Kolkata: Shantanu Manna arrested in Kasba fake vaccine case His mother is spending her school days on hunger strike

Shantanu, who worked as a migrant worker in the past, lives in Handipara, Taltola. At one time this young man lived in Chennai to earn a living. He used to cook in a hotel there. He would get a total of 10 thousand rupees per month including food and accommodation. A year and a half ago, Shantanu’s grandfather Gautam Manna died suddenly of a three-day fever. Shantanu returned to Kolkata last year after being locked down for not leaving his sick and old mother alone.

After that he spends some days without any income Lockdown is in contact with Debanjan. At first Shantanu used to work for Debanjan earning five hundred rupees a day. At that time, there was an office of Debanjan’s mask, sanitizer and PPE kit in Taltola.

After Shantanu was arrested in a fake vaccination case, his mother was often in a coma. He suffers from multiple physical problems including hypertension, blood sugar, thyroid, heart disease. Vidya is crying for her son. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way

What if the boy doesn’t come back from jail soon? Then who will buy the medicine? Question to the family of Vidya. Old Vidya repeatedly says, “So many leaders, ministers, police, bureaucrats did not recognize the cheater!” How will my son know? ” Police are arresting and imprisoning ordinary people for a fraud. Shantanu’s friend Suresh Roy and Sukumar Ghosh have the same allegation as Vidya

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