Kolkata Accident Follow Up: ‘This is how the young boy left!’, Vivekananda’s death

# Jambani: Vivekananda Dave of Jamboni died in a Red Road Bus Accident in Kolkata on Thursday. After receiving the news, the people of the family of the dead policeman (Constable Death) have become speechless. Disoriented family who lost their only son. Neighbors were shocked to hear of the sudden death of the young boy (Kolkata Accident Death). The picture of the smiling boy in the village is floating in everyone’s eyes.

Vivekananda is the only son of Ashish Dave and Minti Dave. He got a job in Kolkata Police 15 years ago. The father and mother last met with the son about a month ago. It is learned that Vivekananda lived at his father-in-law’s house in Jhargram. His wife is a teacher at Belda High School in Jamboni block. They have a son of eight years. Vivekananda lived at his father-in-law’s house in Jhargram for his education. Shortly after receiving the news of the accident, Vivekananda’s wife left for Calcutta.

Vivekananda, a resident of Chichira village in Jamboni block of Jhargram district, died in a tragic accident at Fort William India in Kolkata. According to police sources, Vivekananda Dave is a constable of the Kolkata Police Reserve Force. He was out on his bike this morning. Just then Vivekananda fell in front of the deadly bus.

It is learned that the mini bus was going from Howrah to Metiaburuj. Sudden loss of control over the Red Road Accident. That’s when Vivekananda Dav’s bike came in front of the car. He got stuck under the bus with his bike. At that moment, the bus hit the wall of the East Gate of Fort William. The wall broke and some part of the bus entered the protected area. The crowd rushed with him. Several passengers were reportedly trapped inside the bus. The locals first started the rescue operation. Police personnel came to the spot as soon as they got the news. The bus is moved by crane. Vivekananda Dave was rescued unconscious trapped under the bus. He died shortly after being taken to hospital.

As soon as this news reached Chichir village, the shadow of mourning descended. Since receiving the news, there is no place to store sesame seeds in front of Vivekananda’s Jambani house. The Dave family lost their son prematurely on the sole income of the house. The whole village is broken to stand by them in this difficult time.

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