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# Kolkata: Bike accident on Ma Flyover again A couple was injured in the accident on Thursday morning Rajeshwar Bandyopadhyay, a resident of Dumdum, and his wife Dulu Bandyopadhyay were riding their bikes through the flyover to the hospital.

Allegedly, a kite thread fell on the flyover The bike was entangled in that thread Witnesses said the driver and rider lost control and fell off the bike. Rajeshwar’s leg is injured He groans in pain His wife Dulu was slightly injured But he panicked and cried on the spot

Arriving at the scene Traffic Sergeant | The couple was later rescued by police Rajeshwar was taken to CNMC Rajeshwar said, “I was riding my bike wearing a helmet. My wife was sitting in the back. Suddenly a kite’s thread was tied to the bike. I lost control and both my wife and I fell.”

According to police sources, 6 employees of Rajeshwar Khidirpur Dock The Banerjee couple was on their way to SSKM Hospital from Science City Rajeshwar’s wife Dulu said, “We were going to the hospital. Suddenly there was a bike accident on the kite thread. And if it was a little bit, we could have died.”

Bike accidents are happening in the flyover due to the kite thread Even after so many rules, why the accident is not going to be prevented? Multiple initiatives have been taken by Kolkata Traffic Police, KMDA and local police Kolkata Traffic Police has informed KMDA to cover the entire mother flyover with standing poles and fencing.

Work has also begun on a pilot project on a specific section of the Ma flyover But a letter was sent to KMDA on behalf of Lalbazar Traffic in March to cover the rest of the flyover in the same way. As soon as they do this, a section of the police claims that accidents will be reduced due to the thread

According to Lalbazar sources, a team has been kept for surveillance Chinese manja and kite have been confiscated in several places Police are miking in the area In addition, various initiatives have been taken to curb Chinese manja But other than Chinese manja, other threads are also causing accidents on this flyover

The city did not learn even after the mother had crashed into the flyover more than once before, and Thursday’s accident again pointed the finger at her.

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