Madan Mitra at Assembly: Wearing white dhoti-Punjabi, after a long time Madan Mitra in assembly

#Kolkata: The new white dhoti-Punjabi. Slippers mixed with black-silver on the legs. Gonja dhoti in the pocket of Punjabi. Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati, reached the assembly session after a long absence in the guise of a Bengali babu.

Thus Madan Mitra’s fan base touches the sky. From his clothes to his glasses … everything is practiced by the new generation throughout the year. Wherever Madan Mitra goes, insanity surrounds him. Naturally, Saje Madan Mitra entered the assembly on the day of the budget session of the 17th assembly on Friday.

Incidentally, the whip was issued on the first day of the assembly session on behalf of the grassroots. In other words, 209 MLAs must be present in the session. Khardar MLA Kajal Sinha passed away a few days ago. Gosaba MLA Jayant Naskar has died. However, do not fall under the Speaker’s Whip because of rank.

The instructions reached all the MLAs on the eve of the budget session of the 17th Legislative Assembly. The ruling party does not want to loosen the rush in any way. Even the whip was issued with the presence. By sending an SMS, all the MLAs were asked to reach the designated seats at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the session. They have been instructed to take part in every matter. Political observers see the whip as a symbolic show of strength.

The Governor will address the first session of the Legislative Assembly today amidst the Raj Bhavan Nabanna clash. According to the custom, the governor kept the statement given by the government. But in the last few days, the state-governor relationship has come to a standstill due to the Jain Hawala incident. Pictures released by the Trinamool show that Devanjan’s security guard Arvind Vaidya has also reached out to the governor. In this context, the governor can cut or add to the grassroots fears in the speech. The Trinamool has issued a whip so that all the legislators can state their clear position if Benazir’s situation is created.

Meanwhile, the opposition has already decided that they will walk the path of conflict instead of constructive cooperation in the assembly. It is believed that Mukul Roy could be a thorn in the side of the BJP this time in the assembly. The name of the BJP MLA has been proposed by the Trinamool Congress for the Public Accounts Committee.


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