Manoranjan Bapari: From rickshaw to assembly, the circle is full of mindful entertainment! Be careful

#Kolkata: In fact, he is an exceptional MLA. At one stage of his life, he drove a rickshaw. That man later became a writer and made a name for himself in the country. And he is now the MLA of the ruling party of the state. Power is in his hands, but his feet are still on the ground. Ever since he realized his responsibility as a MLA, he has been running to stand by the people. “I’m really having a hard time,” he wrote, regretting not being able to do everything for people. Looks like I probably didn’t get it right when it came to politics. When I was away, when I didn’t know anything like that, I was a little happy. ‘ That entertainment dealer set foot on the porch of the assembly that day. Manoranjan completed the assembly circle from the rickshaw.

From rickshaw pullers on the sidewalk to the assembly floor, fairy tales were created by MLA entertainment dealer. He wrote, ‘I have come to the assembly. I am sitting on the last bench. I entered here for the first time in my life. There is a lot to learn and know. Then I have to say. ‘ It’s not hard to guess that this post contains glimpses of the ‘controversial’ post. Netizens are already worried about this MLA. From the very beginning of his political career, he has made it clear that he will work for the people of Balagarh, regardless of party affiliation.

After becoming a MLA, he is realizing under the pressure of people’s expectations that he has made a mistake in politics However, the message has caused a stir in the net. The news has also reached the grassroots top leadership. Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee said, “I don’t know much about entertainment dealers.” Post is not always right ৷ Why did he gasp? I saw him walking around with oxygen. ‘

Netizens are already talking about this MLA. One day, the literary Mahasweta Devi rode in an entertainment rickshaw. He wanted to know the meaning of the word jijibisha from Manoranjan. Wanting to know that changed the life of a rickshaw puller. Jail-period also came in his life. But that life has been left behind by a ‘Dalit writer’. The past life of the entertainer has come up in various books like ‘Another World’, ‘Gizibisha’s Story’.

This time Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee nominated the entertainment businessman who became a literary man from a rickshaw puller. He was also noticed by everyone during the preaching period. It is also reflected in the ballot box. Manoranjan snatched victory from Balagarh seat in an unimaginable way. And he completed that one circle by setting foot in the assembly.

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