Mukul Roy’s seat is in the opposition bench

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy, who has changed from a pair of flowers to a lotus flower, has a seat in the assembly sitting room in the opposition bench today. There have been several discussions over the last few days about the distribution of seats. Sources said that today, Friday, he is going to sit in the 65th seat of the opposition bench. The budget session of the assembly is starting from today. The budget session of the seventeenth assembly is starting from today. According to the discussion of the Business Advisory Committee, the session will begin with the Governor’s speech at 2 pm today. After that, when the speech is over, there will be a thank you message. After that the deputy speaker will be elected.

Today, Friday, Rampurhat Trinamool MLA Ashish Bandyopadhyay is going to be the Deputy Speaker. The BJP will not contest the Deputy Speaker election. Manoj Tigga, the BJP’s assembly warden, had earlier said this. As a result, some sections of the political circles think that Ashish Banerjee is becoming the Deputy Speaker without contest. And it is going to be through voice vote, the source said. The current situation is not like normal time. Kovid is all over the country. And that is why the assembly authorities had to arrange the seats in the session room. That is why the MLAs will sit in the Governor’s Gallery. But not only there. The MLAs will have to sit in the two-storey gallery allotted for the spectators coming to the assembly. The MLAs will also sit in the sitting room for the journalists.

According to the officials of the assembly, this seat has been arranged keeping in mind the Kovid rules. Maintaining physical distance has been given utmost importance. That is why arrangements have been made for the MLAs to sit in the seats while maintaining as much distance as possible. All the MLAs have already been instructed by the assembly authorities not to bring visitors to this session. This has already been discussed in the meeting of all-party and business advisory committee.

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