‘Publication of merit list with number within 7 days’, the court opened the tangle in the appointment of teachers

#Kolkata: Despite strong criticism of the School Service Commission, the Calcutta High Court cleared the way for the appointment of teachers. He informed that the School Service Commission will have to publish the merit list with the number within the next seven days. Only then will the suspension order be lifted from the recruitment process. Not only that, Calcutta High Court Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay has directed to publish the names and numbers of those whose names are not in the merit list.

At the beginning of the hearing of the case, the judge criticized the School Service Commission as useless. He said, ‘School Service Commission is a useless body. Which officials are running this commission? This commission should be dismissed immediately. The judge questioned, ‘Why the order given by the Calcutta High Court in October 2019 regarding the appointment of teachers was not complied with? Why was the interview list not published as per the instructions? ‘

Judge’s observation, ‘Commission could not appoint teachers in 5 years! This commission should be dismissed. On the same day, the judge summoned the SSC chairman in the upper primary recruitment case. In his presence, he directed to publish the merit list with number within seven days. Only then will the moratorium on teacher recruitment be lifted.

Incidentally, the state government has published the interview list for the recruitment of teachers in 14339 posts of higher primary. The case was again challenged in the High Court challenging the interview list. The plaintiffs alleged that the interview list was published in violation of the rules of the School Service Commission. The list of interviews that have been made is full of rules. There is no mention on the site of the minimum number of people being called for an interview. Many candidates got higher marks but did not get a call for interview. In this context, the court issued a stay order on the appointment of teachers in the upper primary. The court then reprimanded the School Service Commission today and asked it to publish the merit list with the number within seven days.

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