Radiologial and pathological test rates chart fixed in West Bengal State fixes maximum cost of pathological examination, issued guidelines – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Many private hospitals and nursing homes have been accused of uncontrolled treatment of corona. Patients and their families made similar allegations against several pathological centers This time, the state health commission has set a ceiling on the cost of a number of radiological and pathological tests, similar to the corona test. Emphasis has been placed on the need for more tests in the treatment of coronary heart disease. However, private hospitals or pathological centers will have to comply with this fixed rate for patients other than those infected with corona.

The State Health Commission has issued guidelines in this regard According to the Clinical Establishment Act passed in 2016, the rate of this examination has been fixed. Two expert committees were also formed to decide the maximum cost of an examination This guideline has been issued on the basis of the report received from them

The guidelines set a maximum of five types of radiological tests and at least 15 types of pathological tests. According to the guidelines, the maximum cost of Chest X-ray (PA view) is set at Rs The highest rates for CT pulmonary angiography examination are Rs 10,000 (64 slice CT scan) and Rs 11,000 (126 slice CT scan) respectively. Similarly, the health commission has fixed the cost of sodium test at Rs 450, potassium test at Rs 450 and de-dimer test at Rs 2,300.

The guidelines make it clear that if the cost of these tests at a private hospital or pathological testing center is currently less than the prescribed cost, those costs cannot be increased now. Last year, the Health Commission fixed the cost of several physical examinations in the same way

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