WB Assembly Session: ‘Blue-and-white’ camp outside the Vidhan Sabha for Central Army personnel …

#Kolkata: Centra Force personnel are not allowed to enter the West Bengal Assembly premises. So at the beginning of the budget session on Friday, a temporary tent was set up outside the assembly. The cantonment, dressed in blue-and-white and cream-and-white, is set up outside the assembly to house the central forces. In the current assembly session (WB Assembly Session), Central Force personnel will not be allowed to enter the assembly building or the premises, according to assembly sources. It’s quite eye-catching.

According to assembly sources, the MLAs have been arranged to sit while maintaining physical distance in the Corona situation. Similarly, a number of restrictions have been imposed on entry into the Legislative Assembly. MLAs have even been told not to come to the session with ‘visitors’.

However, according to assembly sources, legislators are not allowed to enter the parliament with security guards. Vin State Police are also not allowed to enter. With that rule in mind, a ban has been imposed on the entry of central forces into the assembly.

However, according to another source, Central Army personnel deployed under the protection of opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari clashed with media representatives in the assembly shortly after the election. After that, according to the assembly sources, restrictions have been imposed on the entry of the central forces.

Incidentally, the state security guards are with the legislators. However, some of the BJP MLAs are accompanied by Central Army personnel. Already, an all-party meeting of the Legislative Assembly and a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee had sought permission for the entry of Central Army personnel for security. According to sources, the permission was sought from the Speaker on behalf of the BJP MLAs. But that request was not accepted. As a result, the Central Army personnel will not be able to enter the assembly again. It can be seen from the morning of the session that the soldiers of the central forces have come and are sitting in that camp. Many are waiting in their cars again. Notable among those who get the security of the central forces is the opposition leader Shuvendu. He gets Z category security. Several BJP MLAs including Manoj Tigga and Pawan Singh got security.

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