BJP may set example of Uttarakhand to postpone bye elections in Bengal BJP’s strategy behind Uttarakhand by-elections in Bengal? Amal is not giving Trinamool – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Example Uttarakhand 6 And by showing that example, BJP can take the strategy of postponing the by-election in Bengal too And if it is true, the ruling party of this state will be under pressure Because the Trinamool Congress wants the Election Commission to hold by-elections in the vacant constituencies of the state legislature as soon as possible. Because of the defeat at the Nandigram Center, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will have to win from one of the constituencies within six months of taking oath as the Chief Minister.

However, the Trinamool Congress is not giving much importance to this strategy of the BJP They hope that the Election Commission will complete the by-elections in this state soon

Tirtha Singh Rawat resigned from the post of Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on Friday He was not a MLA either As a result, he had to win the MLA post as per the rules There was time in hand and about two months But the term of the Uttarakhand Assembly has come to an end and the Election Commission will not hold by-elections in Uttarakhand at this time under any circumstances. Realizing this, the party ordered Tirtha Singh Rawat to resign Pushkar Singh Dhami has been sworn in as the Chief Minister in his place Opponents, however, say that the BJP government in Uttarakhand has not been able to free itself from corruption and controversy by appointing Tirtha Singh Rawat as chief minister. Tirtha Singh Rawat was removed to restore the image of the government before the polls on the grounds that there would be no by-elections. Similarly, Trinamool Congress MP Sukhendushekhar Roy is also 6 Some political experts, however, say that whatever the case, the BJP had no choice but to change the chief minister in Uttarakhand. But citing the example of Uttarakhand, they may demand postponement of by-elections in West Bengal.

According to political sources, the BJP may object to holding by-elections in West Bengal, citing the Corona situation. If there is no by-election in Uttarakhand because of Corona, they may put the question before the Election Commission as to why it will be in West Bengal. It may be argued that they did not pressurize the commission to hold by-elections in Uttarakhand out of public interest. Because if the by-elections in this state are postponed somehow, the pressure will increase on Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress.

Although the BJP has really taken this strategy in the end, the Trinamool is reluctant to give it special attention The party’s Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendushekhar Roy said, “Despite Union Home Minister Corona being declared a national disaster, the state has voted in eight rounds. Now the rate of corona infection in Bengal is 2 percent As a result, if there could be an eight-point vote at that time, we think there is no obstacle to holding elections in this state in the current situation. The chief minister has to win in six months, there is still enough time for him We hope the Election Commission will hold by-elections in the state before then.

BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has also stepped up pressure on the state government and the ruling party on the issue. Why is the state government putting so much emphasis on by-elections without holding a referendum? In his words, ‘the ruling party has occupied the power of municipalities through the back door Mamata Banerjee is talking about by-elections thinking of her own advantage But why isn’t he taking the initiative to hold a referendum? ‘ BJP leader Anupam Hazrao also tweeted on the same day with the example of Tirtha Singh Rawat. Even there, without naming Mamata Banerjee, he has slammed the ruling party

However, political experts say the term of the Uttarakhand Assembly is almost over At the beginning of the next year there were 6 votes The Election Commission does not usually hold by-elections in expired assemblies But the situation in West Bengal is completely opposite So it would not be right to confuse this state with Uttarakhand

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