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#Kolkata: Devanjan Deb, the main accused in the bogus vaccine case, has withdrawn at least Rs 26 million from his ten bank accounts in the last six years. The members of the special investigation team have come across such information after checking the transactions of Debanjan’s account and talking to the bank officials. A BSF uniform was also recovered during a search of Debanjan’s Kasbar house. A silver badge in Devanjan’s name was also found As a result, it is being investigated whether Debanjan, in the guise of a fake BSF official, was involved in any fraudulent business.

Police searched Debanjan’s house and recovered a bunch of other documents Investigators believe Devanjan was preparing to send an application to the health building to obtain the covshield vaccine using forged documents. In the end, however, he did not send it A similar application was recovered from Debanjan’s house

According to sources, Debanjan opened seven fake accounts not only in the name of West Bengal Fincorp but also in the name of the Planning and Development Department of Kolkata Municipality. Police are enlisting the help of experts to find out where the money was transferred from these accounts Kolkata Police 6 is also using Google to find out information about Debanjan’s mail ID In the meantime, a letter has been sent to Google on behalf of Kolkata Police

On the same day, police arrested another associate of Devanjan, Inderjit Sau, in a fake vaccine case. Allegedly, Indrajith organized all the fake vaccination camps organized by Devanjan at City College. That Debanjan was taken to City College Besides, the police are also looking for a person named Piyush Allegedly, Debanjan used to make all kinds of fake documents with this Piyush

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