Dilip Ghosh: Why aren’t the police calling influential people to take pictures with Devanjan? Dilip’s stabbing again …

#Kolkata: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has again mocked the grassroots over Debanjan Deb, the main accused in the Kasba Fake Vaccine scam. This time Dilip (Ghosh) took the grassroots to task for taking pictures of influential people with Devanjan. He raised the question, “Why is the police not calling and questioning the influential people who have pictures of Debanjan when no one is being arrested every day in the Debanjan case?”

The BJP state president’s direct complaint was, “They took pictures together. Everyone knows why the real culprits are being hidden knowingly.” Dilip’s remarks, “Actually, the culprit is being concealed. They are performing together. Everyone has done this knowingly. There is nothing to say about the law and order tradition in this state.”

Incidentally, Dilip Ghosh had earlier on Friday said that the fraudster Debanjan Deb had direct contact with the Trinamool Congress. In a post on Facebook on Friday, he claimed that Debanjan was the co-president of the Trinamool’s South Kolkata district information technology cell. Later, in the face of questions from journalists, he also attacked the grassroots with modesty. Speaking at a press conference at the party’s state headquarters, Dilip Babu said, “There is a lot of information. You also know, we also know.

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