In the shadow of Corona’s panic, Mother Durga will leave Kumartuli for Berlin

#Kolkata: There is not even 100 days left for worship. But due to Corona, the preparation for mother worship in Bengal has not started in such a way yet. In the meantime, the Durga idol has started migrating from Kumartuli. Tagore, created by artist Mintu Pal, is ready to leave for Berlin, Germany. Lockdown has been going on for a long time across the state. Business is almost closed. Many people have lost their jobs. The pujo committees are naturally suffering from financial crisis. Tagore, those who do all the work related to pujo including making mandapas, many could not reach Calcutta as their vehicles were stopped.

At the same time, he has not been able to get the vaccine yet. Still, there must be worship. But the committees are busy planning about how the budget will be. So far, many Pujo Committee officials have not been able to sort it out. His picture is clearly visible in Kumartuli. At the same time, the number of Thakur Barats from abroad is much less this time. Potter Mintu Pal said, “It is not clear when international flights will be normal for Corona. So the pujo committees abroad did not order the tagore this time for this uncertainty. ‘

The Bengalis of Berlin are going to organize a new pujo this time. They have instructed Mintu Pal to make a tagore. He said, ‘Other times I send several Tagores abroad. But this time the number is only two. One of the two came from New Jersey, USA. The artist has delivered that tag a long time ago. The second came from Berlin, Germany. In a few days, the idol of mother Durga will be flown in full fiber and will leave for Berlin via Singapore.


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