Manoranjan Bapari claims he has no complaints against his party TMC Not out of tune, he has raised the issue of human suffering, claims entertainment matter – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Not his Facebook post out of any resentment towards the team. Thousands of problems of thousands of people have made him desperate. He cannot do anything for those people out of his limited power. He has expressed that sadness in public.

This is what Trinamool MLA Manoranjan Bepari said in the face of News Eighteen Bengal. Prior to the vote, several leaders and ministers of the ruling party expressed their displeasure on social media. Some left the party and joined the opposition. Later, however, many of them became desperate to return to the party after the results of the vote. However, political pressure has started around a Facebook post of Balanagar Trinamool MLA Manoranjan Babu. However, the MLA of Balagarh explained the controversy surrounding the post.

“I have nothing to do with this post,” he said. The party leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is humane enough. It is not right to confuse politics with this post. Out of my limited ability I can do nothing for helpless people. I can’t get rid of grief. That’s why I’m desperate and like myself. I can’t do anything for those helpless people even if I want to. I believe that the compassionate Chief Minister will surely find a way to solve the problem.

Trinamool MLA Manoranjan Babu wrote in his Facebook post on Friday, ‘I am out of breath. I’m really in trouble. Looks like I probably didn’t get it right when it came to politics. When I was away, when I didn’t know anything like that, I was a little happy. Now seeing all this – I can’t sleep well like any other night by being directly connected. I am forced to get up in the middle of the night and walk. So needy, miserable people, so much their problem. I am now at the center of all their hopes and trust. They have a lot of hope around me. As if I have a magic wand with which I can solve all their problems. They think of me as God, but I am nothing more than an earthenware statue. ‘

Controversy has erupted over the ruling party’s post. However, he himself told this reporter that he is not ‘out of tune’ with the party, not out of anger against the party, but only to express his feelings after seeing the suffering of the people. However, Manoranjan Babu, annoyed by the controversy, said that he has not been in touch with Facebook for some time now.


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