NABC 2021: Bengali festival begins in America! NABC 2021 to host virtual reality event

The weekend of independence appeared in the United States. On July 4, the sky will be filled with light parade. And just at that time, the minds of the expatriate Bengalis in America will be entertained in a different ‘parade’. This is because the North America Bengali Conference is being held on this special weekend. The 41st Bengal Conference (NABC 2021) with the pseudonym ‘Global Conference 2021’. Will run from 2 to 4 July.

If there is a way. This long Corona tour from 2020 to 2021 has probably taught this message to every person in the world in one way or another. And with that desire in mind, he has never been able to return home and walk mile after mile. The tired nurse of the hospital danced with the Manipuri folk song after the PPE kit just to see the smile on the face of the corona patient again. The three-day North American Bengali Conference (NABC 2021) seems to be another story of fulfillment of that wish. This time NABC Global 2021 is on the virtual reality platform.

Every year the moon sits on the American soil and surrounds this World Bengal Conference. But the picture has changed a bit since last year. The hat is sitting right, but in the range of laptops, desktops, smart TVs or mobile phones. Although the range is small, its scope is reaching far. This ‘global’ conference is touching the Bengali soul far beyond the geographical boundaries.

There is no way to appear physically. So the last one year of hard work has created a virtual reality platform. Go to the website and register, click and visit the various auditoriums from the Expo Zone. From one room to another in the 3D format auditorium, virtual and reality will go hand in hand.

Those who have handled this huge task, one by one, live in one end of America. For the past few months, they have had to keep in touch with everyone from Indian artists to technology companies. All the volunteers have a watchful eye so that there is no gap in this technology dependent production. They have created this medium of entertainment along with their work, covid, personal life.

Talking to Kohinoor Kare, one of the volunteers at NABC 2021. Kohinoor, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, gave a hint of this action. It is learned that there is a great purpose behind this initiative. Out of the money raised through donations and registration, the entire amount will be handed over to two voluntary organizations in Kolkata, except for the money that honors productions and artists. In this way, NABC will be by the side of the miserable people of Bengal.

Staying Usha Uthup Photo: NABC Usha Uthup is staying
Photo: NABC

One of the attractions of the nearly forty-hour program is the nostalgia-soaked Amit Kumar evening. There is a group of Bengali artists and craftsmen including Usha Uthup, Srikant Acharya, Shubhamita, Raghav, Ujjwaini. Saregamapa famous young artists are also with the song. Pia Roy of Bangla Podcast, a well-known face of the Bengal Conference, is in charge of arranging the program in various colors. Biplob Ganguly conducts the Banga Sammelan in a Kolkata studio, with Antra Das. Sometimes the red dirt road of Santiniketan will float on the screen, sometimes a glimpse of the Bengali ceremony in San Francisco. And there are movie exhibitions every day! And in this way in the next few days the Bengali mind of the whole world will be immersed in Bengali and Bangaliana.

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