One Nation One Ration in WB | One country one ration, the food department wants to complete the work of Aadhaar integration this month

#Kolkata: The Supreme Court has directed to introduce ‘One Nation One Ration in WB’ system in the entire country by July 31. Aadhaar number attachment of ration customers is mandatory to introduce this system. The process of connecting Aadhaar to ration customers is already underway in the state in two phases. The state government has said that area-wise special camps will be set up for the customers who have been left out till the first week of August and September. In this situation, the question has arisen as to how one country will join the one-ration system in the state by July. So the State and Ration Dealers Association has started thinking about going to the Supreme Court for more time.

Incidentally, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already said that the state will take part in the one country system. However, it will take some time for that. After ‘Duare Ration’, this time the State Food Department is launching ‘Duare Aadhaar Number’. The ‘Aadhaar Number at the Door’ integration program is being launched for ration customers. This work is being done by going door to door of ration customers. The office has already contacted Webel Technology Limited. As a result, the work of connecting Aadhaar to about 5 crore ration customers in the state will be completed. Even after this, if no one’s name is added, the area based camp will be opened. According to the central rules and the order of the highest court of the country, the connection of Aadhaar with the ration card is mandatory from August. The state food department has already informed various ration dealers about this. By the month of July, they can inform the customers through Aadhaar connection.

To do this you need to fill out Form 11. Once the Aadhaar is integrated, it will be added online to the e-pos machines available to ration dealers. As a result, the food department will be able to know the identity of the customer as soon as the customer takes the food. Which will be connected to the central server. Following the Supreme Court order, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a meeting on rations last week. There were two current and former food ministers present. It was there that he instructed the rapid amalgamation. Then the food department started working. Webel, a state government agency, is working. Already many of the ration customers themselves are working to integrate Aadhaar. But many people are not aware of this method. So they want to go door to door by hiring a web agency. The ‘One Country, One Ration’ system is already being introduced in the country. Aadhaar integration is mandatory in this system. Aadhaar integration process will be verified on e-pos machine.

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