The session is coming, they are not coming anymore, the assembly is sighing

#Kolkata: For the first time in 46 years. The bag is empty so there was no place in the assembly. We are 235, they are 35-ball, all those days are just memories today. The session will continue like a session, they are not just staying. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. And since the beginning of the session, this zero number has been practiced in various quarters. And those who used to make a storm in the assembly on that day, what are they saying?

In the five-year assembly from 2016 to 2021, 75 seats were allotted to Left parliamentary party leader Sujan Chakraborty. Today someone else is claiming that seat. Don’t feel bad? Sujan’s answer to the question is not to be upset. We are in a fighting movement outside. But it must be bad. Like Sujan, this year’s assembly was discussed in such a way as to maintain harmony, to maintain the respect of the Governor and not to make the Chief Minister unprepared.

In the 2017 assembly, the Congress got more seats than the BJP. Abdul Mannan was naturally elected Leader of the Opposition. In an emotional voice, he said, there is nothing to be upset about. In a democracy, people get what they want. But one thing is at the center of both sides. BJP wants Congress free India.

No matter what the leaders say, the Left-Congress supporters are not in a good mood. Neither side had the mental preparation for such a day. However, statisticians say the landslide did not occur overnight. This was the signal that people were changing their minds. From 2011 onwards, the leftist seats started collapsing step by step. The Left Front got 6 seats in the 2011 assembly. 6 of them were occupied by CPM. This seat came down to 32 in 2016. But even the most anti-CPM did not imagine that the result would be that entry into the assembly would be stopped. Even Mamata Banerjee’s voice of regret can be heard. The Chief Minister said, it would have been better if they had. Like the political circles, the Chief Minister wanted to talk about the concept of polygamy in democracy. Although the presence of the Left in the assembly raised a wave of opposition to Mamata, it was also important to her. But the game of time is like poetry, Sonajhara became the past “I am, there is only this”. There was a sigh.

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