Vegetable-fish prices navishbas city dwellers! Why such a price increase in a month! And how much the price will increase

#Kolkata: Petroleum prices are rising sharply. Even petrol and diesel prices have gone up in this state. And due to the abnormal increase in the price of this fuel, the market for fire-priced vegetables and fish. Whether it is papaya or patal, the price of every vegetable is increasing. Meanwhile, LPG gas has also increased. So, all in all, the middle class is pulling the pockets in the first month. And in the words of the people who spend their days in the lockdown.

Let’s talk about Goriyahat market. On an average, the prices of all vegetables have gone up in this market. Eggplant is being sold at Rs 100 per kg, chilli is being sold at Rs 100 per kg. Uchche price 60 rupees / kg. Vegetable sellers are acknowledging that the price of each vegetable in the retail market has increased by an average of ten to twenty rupees. Like them, the problem was created after the cyclone hit. There was a shortage of supply due to standing water in the vegetable fields. Bringing vegetables directly to the retail market has long been a problem as roads are cut off. The moneylenders were bidding much higher prices to deliver vegetables to the market by detour. Although that push has subsided somewhat, transportation costs are now steadily rising. The price of vegetables seems to be on fire.

One seller said that the price of lentils could go up by Rs 50 per kg in a few days. In other words, then you have to buy chilli at least 150 rupees per kg. The prices of other vegetables will also increase. He thinks transportation costs are the only reason for the price hike.

The price of diesel has put the fish traders in trouble. Even after the expiration date, many people are not able to go to the deep sea to catch other fish. Because of the amount of money that is spent for a trip, the small fishermen will not be able to survive if they do not get the fish after taking the risk. That is why many trawlers are sitting. Silver grains are not yet seen in the market.

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