Abhishek Banerjee: ‘Modi Babu-Petrol Bekabu!’ Energy Century in Bengal, Prime Minister Abhishek’s inauguration

#Kolkata: Petrol-diesel price hike (Petrol Price) Trahi Trahi Rob middle class. A few weeks ago, the price of petrol in cities like Mysore, Mumbai and Bhopal touched Rs 100 per liter. We didn’t have to wait long, this time in the city of Kolkata too, the price of petrol started rising rapidly and reached the threshold of a century. Petrol prices have already crossed the century mark in several districts of Bengal. In this situation, the opposition leaders are harassing the Narendra Modi government at the center. And among them the grassroots leadership is probably the most vocal. Not only that, this time Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee also chose a strange tagline to attack Narendra Modi.

Abhishek took to Twitter on Sunday to quote an old tweet he made last year protesting the rise in petroleum prices, saying, ‘Fuel prices have risen historically during the BJP government. But they are trying their best to increase the burden on the people. Nothing has changed since 2020. When people want to get out of this situation, the BJP is playing the game of blaming the other. After that, Abhishek wrote in the tagline, ‘Modi Babu, Petrol Bekabu’. Incidentally, most of the top leaders of the Trinamool Congress are attacking the tweet with the intention of the BJP.

Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee wrote, ‘People are tired of watching Narendra Modi’s dramas. Now the price of skyrocketing petrol, but he is hiding now. Maybe he is preparing to give another big lie. ‘ However, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh argued, “Petrol and diesel prices are not going up from today. It used to grow, it is still growing. The central government is thinking about this. As it increases, it will decrease again. The whole world is now fighting the economy. Nothing is stable. It will get better gradually. ‘

In Kolkata, petrol price was hiked by 41 paise on Sunday. As a result, the price of 1 liter of petrol in the city is 99 rupees 45 paise. The price of diesel has increased by 24 paise per liter in the city. As a result, the price of 1 liter of diesel in Kolkata has been 92 rupees 26 paise. In the meantime, Patrol has surpassed Kolkata and crossed the century mark in several districts of the state. Yesterday, the price of petrol in Darjeeling was Rs 100.48 per liter. At Alipurduar the price was 100 rupees 10 paise. Petrol has been sold at more than 100 prices in several places like Kochbihar, Purulia and Nadia.

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