‘Farewell’ entertainment after the debate! What is the next thought of the ruling MLA?

#Kolkata: For the time being, the Trinamool MLA entertainment dealer of Balagarh will stay away from social media for some time. He said that by posting on social media. Incidentally, the controversy arose from a Facebook post he made last Thursday. Although he and his team have been informed, his post has been misinterpreted. After that, however, Manoranjan Babu said, “I have to say goodbye to Facebook for a few days. I have to stop the TV interview. Because some people have become very cunning and cunning. Those whose heart is dead. They do not lend themselves to humanitarianism.” By twisting the simple language idea and twisting it in another form, Maa Mati wants to discredit the popular government of the people and put it in embarrassment to satisfy a special purpose. “

By the way, at the beginning of his post, he did not come to politics. He gasped. In fact, he meant that the people’s longing for him as a representative of the people was hurting him terribly. How many people, how many needs. Meeting everyone’s expectations has become a challenge. This is what he posted on social media.

Manoranjan Babu said, “They have been engaged in all these activities from one of the camps. Those who have come to power for the third time with this huge mandate cannot tolerate the Trinamool as much as the motherland party, the backward region with 36,000 votes. I have won 9,000 votes since then. So whenever the opportunity arises, they are trying to make me miserable in various ways. ” At the same time, his words came up: “You must have seen what a word stuck in my mouth made a storm of sarcasm about” inhumanity. ” So I think I should stop. For now, stop writing and speaking for a while. Now I am working. What can be done for the Dalit poor working people as much as possible in limited power. My job is to say what I want to say. ” His party, of course, is next to the MLA. One of the top leaders of the party said that in fact the words of good people are being misinterpreted.

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