Kolkata Corporation: Which way and how to encircle Kolkata Municipality? BJP’s ‘secret’ operation tomorrow

#Kolkata: The BJP has been alleging from the very beginning that grassroots leaders are directly involved in the Kasba vaccination scandal. A case has already been filed in the Calcutta High Court demanding a CBI probe. Meanwhile, the BJP has called for a siege of Kolkata municipality on Monday. But due to Corona, strict restrictions are still in force in the state. Large gatherings are prohibited. But in the meantime, Gerua Shibir is breaking the ‘rules’ to get more involved in the vaccine scandal.

According to sources, Gerua Shibir has planned to encircle the municipality by bringing workers from Kolkata and surrounding areas, not from outside the district. But the leaders of the Gerua camp know very well that there will be obstacles on the part of the police. So they have prepared a route map of the ‘secret’ campaign. Inside the news of the Gerua camp, the campaign will be kept in front of the women. The amount of police obstruction may be a little less. But the Gerua camp wants to keep the siege a secret. Although the selection leaders have been told the ‘route’. In the same way, they will move towards the municipality.

For the time being, the BJP is taking a program of municipal campaigns across the state, starting with the Calcutta Corporation. They want to start the program in the districts during the month of July. According to the political circles, the BJP started a ‘warm up’ with the pre-vote to strengthen the party and the organization.

Incidentally, BJP leaders have repeatedly complained that if anyone had died with the fake vaccine, the Trinamool Congress would have blamed it on the central government. People were said to have died because the Modi government had sent fake vaccines. The Gerua camp alleges that grassroots leaders and ministers are directly involved in the fake vaccine scandal. Therefore, the BJP, which has repeatedly raised its voice against the post-poll violence but failed to mobilize the movement in Bengal, wants to use the fake vaccination scandal as a tool.

As soon as the fake vaccine scandal came to light, state BJP leader Sayantan Basu said that Lalbazar would be cordoned off in early July. But then the BJP leadership hoped that local trains would be launched from the first week of July. But it is clear that it will not turn. Therefore, the BJP’s goal for the time being is to highlight the siege of Calcutta Municipality.

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