Sealdah Metro: Rob before the puja! Sealdah metro station is going to be launched in October …

#Kolkata: The change of look is on the premises of Sealdah Station. Sealdah Station, one of the largest stations of the Eastern Railway, is slowly changing hands with the Metro Railways. Sources said that Sealdah Metro Rail will be completed within the next four months. The whole station premises will be changed because of him. Sealdah is going to be a very important station in the East-West Metro project. The Kolkata Metro Railway Authority is hopeful that millions of passengers will use the metro from this station.

The work of ‘Look Change’ is in full swing. Since the metro station and the railway station are very close, additional importance is being given to the convenience of the passengers. The metro line is 16.5 meters below the ground. Fulbagan Metro Station on one side of Sealdah Station, Esplanade Metro Station on the other. Since the Esplanade metro station is going to be a junction station, it is assumed that proper measures will have to be taken to control the crowd at Sealdah metro station as well.

Rupak Sarkar, Chief Operating Manager, ITD-CEM, the official in charge of the construction of the Sealdah Metro Station, said, “Sealdah is going to be a very important station because people from different parts of the suburbs will come and catch the Metro. We have worked with the understanding that everything is sent to the main and southern rail platforms so that people are not inconvenienced. “There are 9 steps in the station for the convenience of passengers. Sealdah can be easily reached through the wide space to the south. It has been widened for convenience. In addition, there are stairs at multiple ends to enter and exit the metro station. There are a total of 18 escalators in the station.

There are a total of 26 ticket counters. There will be several ticket counters for those who have physical problems. Has been specially lowered. Besides, there are 5 lifts for the convenience of travel. There are 3 platforms in total. Since many passengers will get on and off, the island platform has been kept. The work of arranging the station has already started. Floor sorting work has started. According to sources, from the second week of next month, the metro will come to Sealdah station on a trial basis through a tunnel from Phulbagan. From Sealdah station, he will be sent back to Phulbagan. So the work of sorting part of the platform has started. Rupak Babu said that by October 2021, they will hand over the Sealdah station to the Metro Rail.

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