Suvendu Adhikari: ‘Vaccine’ is known! At the behest of the authorities, the BJP MLAs made their debut as independents

#Kolkata: The dream was to occupy the kingdom. But I had to stop in that seat. However, the BJP now has 64 MLAs in the state. Mukul Roy has gone to the grassroots. Otherwise the number would have been 75. In such a situation, the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari has taken a plan to surround the government with a party inside the assembly. The Gerua camp is going to take a strategy to put pressure on the government like a guerrilla attack. And some of that strategy was seen on the very first day of the assembly session. BJP MLAs staged a protest during the governor’s speech. The governor stopped the speech within three and a half minutes. Then on Saturday Dilip Ghosh and Shuvendu Adhikari sat in the class with the MLAs. There, along with various instructions, the Leader of the Opposition set the dress code for the new MLAs.

Specific attire for the assembly! According to BJP sources, Shuvendu Adhikari’s instructions are the same. According to sources, the newly elected BJP MLAs will join the assembly soon after wearing white pajamas and gerua. Besides, they all have to have Gerua Tilak on their foreheads. BJP women MLAs have also been reported to wear gerua tilak on their foreheads. On the first day of the assembly, however, the indications were the same. However, the issue of applying tilak was not given as an instruction. In this regard, Shuvendu Adhikari commented, “The color purple is a symbol of traditional India and Swami Vivekananda.”

According to BJP sources, the BJP MLAs will go to the assembly in the same clothes not only for the first day but also in the coming days. For the first time in the political history of Bengal, the BJP has appeared in the assembly with so many MLAs. They also got the badge of the main opposition party of the state. That is why the BJP is leaving nothing to be said against the Trinamool in the assembly. On the first day of the assembly session, the BJP MLAs went on a rampage. It is almost clear that the protests will continue to grow. In the meantime, the practice of new dress code for legislators is at all levels.

Meanwhile, Dilip Ghosh and Shuvendu Adhikari took classes for MLAs on Saturday But a total of 6 MLAs were absent in that class The only reason for the absence of Bishnupur BJP MLA Tanmoy Ghosh is known, but it is not clear why the other five did not attend the training camp. Darjeeling MLA Dhiraj Tamang Zimba, Purulia MLA Sandeep Kumar Mukherjee, Bagdar MLA Biswajit Das, Kulti MLA Ajay Kumar Poddar and Bhatpara MLA Pawan Singh did not attend Saturday’s meeting. The rumor has spread even inside the Gerua camp.

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