Tathagata Roy on Local Train: Otto-Toto is not crowded, it is just on the local train! The state is under attack

#Kolkata: Bus auto traffic has recently started in the state. The Chief Minister has said that buses and autos will be put on the road with conditions in this phase of restrictions. But local trains and metros are still closed in the state, keeping in mind the transition. This time, the veteran BJP leader Tathagata Roy (Tathagata Roy on Local Train) is vocal about this. Tathagata’s comment, if the bus is auto crowded, it will not spread, it will only spread if the train or metro is running.

Tathagata left a sentence on Twitter on Sunday morning. He wrote, “Autorickshaws in Kolkata and the suburbs are crowded. There are six people in the vehicle that is supposed to carry two people. His sarcasm, but it will not spread Corona in West Bengal. Corona will spread as soon as the local train or metro runs.” Tathagata remarked, “This is because the center runs trains or metros.” His question is, “Have you ever heard of such double standards?”

Note that another ban has been issued in the state since last July. The Chief Minister has given some concessions in this episode. Government bus got on the way. Private buses have also been requested to get on the road. However, the condition has been given that all the bus conductors must be vaccinated to get on the road. The bus will run with 50 percent passengers. But in the workplace it is seen that in many cases the buses are breaking the rules. Private buses are inadequate, many bus owners are not taking the risk of getting off the bus. This is why the crowd is so strong. And there are protests for local trains in several places. Tathagata is using this situation politically. Tathagata is demanding to run fast local trains in the state.

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