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#Kolkata: Bus fares are not increasing at present On this day, the state government gave a clear message to the bus owners The bus owners have also explained that it is not possible to take the bus down the road without increasing the fare As a result, a sufficient number of private buses will be on the road this week as well

The price of diesel has crossed Tk 90 per liter But despite long-standing demands, the state government is reluctant to increase bus fares As a result, most of the owners are reluctant to take the bus on the road even though they have been allowed to start the service with 50 per cent passengers as per the Corona rules from July 1. People rely only on government buses and a handful of private buses As a result, the government-bus owner Tanaporen passengers are on the way every day Harassment has increased due to closure of local trains and metros

Transport Minister Firhad Hakim sat down with bus owners on the day to resolve the issue. The meeting was attended by Swarnakamal Saha, MLA of the ruling party and leader of the bus owners’ organization Basically, through him, the transport minister gave a message to the bus owners that buses should be taken off the road first After that, the government will consider the issue of rent increase However, the bus owners did not give any such assurance at the meeting After the meeting, the transport minister said, ‘I have requested Swarnada Run the bus first We are looking at the issue of rent The expert committee formed by the government has sent recommendations regarding the increase in rent The government is considering that But you have to get off the bus on the road immediately ‘

After the meeting with the bus owners, the Transport Minister went to Navanne and had a meeting with Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi. The meeting was attended by Swarnakamal Saha and two other representatives of the bus owners’ association According to sources, the chief secretary informed the government at the same meeting that bus fares would not be increased for the time being. According to a source, the bus owners were offered a road tax waiver till October as an alternative to the fare hike. However, it was later learned that no such alternative was offered to the bus owners at the meeting

Representatives of the bus owners’ association insisted on the fare hike, saying, “Passengers want to pay extra.” But why is the government not approving? We did not call a strike No one was forbidden to get off the bus It is the responsibility of the government to balance income and expenditure. Another representative of the organization said, ‘After 2016, the rent has not increased But the price of diesel has increased from Tk 75 to Tk 92 The additional fare that is being taken from the passengers as a grant is the seal of the government The bus owners have demanded that the government provide them with a bank loan of up to Rs 4 lakh on easy terms The bus owners have made it clear that even if a tax waiver is offered, it will not solve their problems

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