‘Door Relief’ receives more than Rs 8,000 compensation for house demolition, several lakh applications rejected

#Kolkata: Nabanna practically rejected most of the applications received for the relief project at the door. Navanna rejected several lakh applications due to incomplete in some cases and lack of necessary information in some cases. According to sources, a total of 3 lakh 61 thousand applications were submitted for the relief project. According to the sources, the application has been approved for 1 lakh 55 thousand applicants. Not only that, under the door relief project, the state finance department has already sanctioned Tk 300 crore, according to sources.

The state government launched a door-to-door relief project for the victims of the devastating cyclone. The Department of Agriculture, the Department of Fisheries, the Department of Livestock, the Department of Disaster Management and the Department of Land Revenue issued instructions to pay compensation separately. Accordingly, the process of submitting applications under the door relief scheme began. After submitting the application, the verification process is started in all the five districts. According to sources, most of the applications have been rejected since the end of the verification phase.

According to sources, 252 applications were received from Birbhum. Of which 201 applications were approved. 16256 applications were received from South 24 Parganas district. Of these, about 6,000 applications have been approved. 340 applications were received from Hooghly. Out of which 230 applications have been accepted. 16,600 applications were received from Howrah. Of which 7500 applications were accepted. 30,000 applications were received from West Midnapore. Out of which only 2,500 applications have been approved. 1 lakh 17 thousand applications were received from East Midnapore district. Out of which 36 thousand 100 applications were approved. 56,600 applications were received from North 24 Parganas district. Applications have been approved for 28,000 applicants.

According to sources, 7,615 people have already been given compensation for demolition. Not only that, the state finance department has already sanctioned Tk 248 crore to the agriculture department and Tk 50 crore to the disaster management department to pay compensation. The rest of the departments are also in the process of being sanctioned by the finance department, sources said. In that case, Nabanna is hopeful that the process of paying compensation will be completed within this week.


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