In the city of Kolkata, the price of petrol is 12 paise away from ‘Century’!

#Kolkata: Petrol prices have skyrocketed in some districts of the state. Tilottama is moving in the same direction in Calcutta. Petrol price in the city (Petrol Price Kolkata) is only 12 paise left in one hundred touches. Diesel is not lagging behind. With this, there is already growing resentment among consumers towards the central government. Opposition parties are also in the role of the center. Fuel prices continue to rise. Petrol price also went up on Monday. On the same day, the price rose by 39 paise to Tk 99.7 in Kolkata. Which was 99.49 rupees on Sunday. However, the price of diesel did not increase on this day (Tk 92.31).

Ordinary people are furious with this price increase. Many people have lost their jobs or their income has decreased due to the cowardly situation and strict restrictions. Protests have already started in various districts of the state in the manner in which Petrol has scored a century in this situation. There is no result in that either. Opposition groups across the country have raised anti-Modi slogans over rising petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices. But there is no frown on the center. State-owned companies have not yet rushed to raise prices. The Center has not taken the path of giving at least some relief by cutting the excise duty.

In the city of Kolkata, when petrol prices are a few points away from the century, consumers themselves have reduced the amount of petrol they buy. A young man working in a private company went to buy petrol on Monday morning. He said directly, ‘This time I have to go out with a bicycle. Another bike rider said, where I used to buy 5/6 liters, now I am buying as needed. Sometimes 2 or sometimes 3 liters. In the Corona situation the bike relied on going to work. But the monthly salary has been cut, it is not acceptable to increase the price of petrol in this way.

On the other hand, the increase in diesel price has directly affected the market price. From vegetables to fish, prices are rising every day. Informed quarters think that Corona has increased the burden of common people.

(Amit Sarkar)

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