Kolkata Tragedy || 15 lakh bill in the hospital! Husband-mother-in-law-mother-in-law died in 45 days! Disoriented bride with child

#Kolkata: The story of the ultimate helpless family. Madhumita Bagchi is a resident of Rajarhat Krishnapur in North 24 Parganas. Husband-children, father-in-law, mother-in-law had a happy family. But in just a month, the whole family was wiped out by the invisible virus. Madhumita’s father-in-law Sushant Bagchi, 65, first contracted corona in May. He was admitted to Horizon Nursing Home on CIT Road. 3 lakh 11 thousand rupees was billed to the hospital, but the last was not saved. The father-in-law died in that nursing home. Meanwhile, Madhumita’s mother-in-law Leena Bagchi also contracted corona. He was admitted to Lotus Nursing Home in Rajarhat. While the mother-in-law was admitted, her husband Shubhamoy Bagchi was attacked. After 18 days of treatment at Lotus Nursing Home, the mother-in-law died first and then Madhumita lost her husband. He is now lost with his four-year-old child.

The bill for the treatment of the father-in-law at the nursing home on CIT Road was 3 lakh 11 thousand rupees. The mother-in-law’s medical bill is 5 lakh 63 thousand rupees. The husband’s medical bill is 5 lakh 30 thousand rupees. On the one hand, he lost his family and on the other hand, he lost his life due to huge medical expenses. There was almost no way out except to sit on the road. He is currently spending his days with his four-year-old child with the financial help of his relatives.

Madhumita Bagchi, a close relative, complained to the State Health Commission about the huge medical expenses. On Monday, the health commission, after scrutinizing all the bills, directed Lotus Nursing Home in Rajarhat to return Tk 4.33 lakh to Madhumita Bagchi. Retired Justice Asim Kumar Bandyopadhyay, chairman of the state health commission, said, “It is a heartbreaking incident. The daughter-in-law is helpless after losing the whole family. We have scrutinized all the bills of Lotus Hospital. I have ordered to return Rs 33,000 to the family of the deceased. “


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