Mla Biswajit Das: Not in party meeting-campaign, BJP MLA in a chat with Trinamool leader!

#Kolkata: Within 24 hours of Mukul Roy’s resignation from the BJP, Biswajit Das, a BJP MLA from Baghdad, became ‘dissonant’. From then on, rumors started circulating around him. Biswajit had apologized for his absence at Dilip Ghosh’s meeting in Bangaon. The person whose house was called was involved in various illegal businesses. Not only that, Mukul was close to Biswajit’s claim that he had good relations with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee. Is Biswajit on the path of grassroots again? The speculation is growing. Biswajit was not present at the meeting of the BJP parliamentary party. His absence from the training camp for legislators at the Hastings office also fueled speculation. On this day it increased even more.

The BJP on Monday called for a Kolkata municipal operation in protest of the fake vaccine scandal. Most of the MLAs and MPs of the party joined there. But Biswajit was not found there. He was not even in the assembly house. Finally, to find him, to talk in a happy mood with Nirmal Ghosh, the chief whip of the Trinamool. As a result, the political circles think that Biswajit is the grassroots destination this time.

In February this year, before the state polls, Biswajit, who had left the grassroots for the BJP, met the chief minister on the last day of the assembly session. He also bowed at Mamta’s feet with his hands. According to sources, the then Chief Minister asked Biswajit, “What decision did you take?” Biswajit smiled and did not respond to the Chief Minister’s words. At that time, Biswajit was accompanied by another defector, former Noapara MLA Sunil Singh. There are also rumors about Sunil’s return.

Biswajit said a few days ago, “My family relationship with Mukul Roy. But it is better not to involve politics with it. Didi (Mamata Banerjee) has a good relationship with me. He loves me very much. He is the Chief Minister of Bengal. My Chief Minister too. Abhishek Banerjee also has a good relationship with me. But politics and personal relationships are not one. My political future will decide tomorrow. ”That seems to be slowly beginning to bear fruit. Political experts say that Biswajit is making it clear in his own conduct that his return to the grassroots is not too late.

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