Mukul Roy: Mukul-Shuvendu ‘closer’, Chanakya to hold Trinamool baton as BJP MLA

#Kolkata: He has returned to his ‘home’ grassroots, but BJP MLA Mukul Roy is still in the register. And the ruling Trinamool wants to get Mukul in the assembly as a ‘BJP MLA’ to save him from the anti-defection law. Even Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has identified herself as a ‘BJP MLA’ even after bringing Mukul into the party. In this situation, changing the seats in the assembly again is the key to state politics. In fact, the ruling party has continued its strategy to prove in the assembly that Mukul Roy is a BJP MLA.

On the opening day of the current session of the Legislative Assembly, seats were allotted for Mukul Roy in Block 3, Seat No. 42. He was sitting in that seat that day. But his seat was changed on Monday. And that was done by the side of the opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari. From now on Mukul Roy will sit on the bench to the left of Shuvendu. In terms of assembly which is block 2, seat no.15. Mukul Roy sat in this new seat on Monday.

In fact, there is no way to avoid anti-defection law except by sitting in the seat of Mukul Roy. In the beginning, Mukul was given a place in the opposition seat, but it was far away from Shuvendur, but from that day on, it became completely side by side. According to sources, the place for Mukul has been chosen considering all aspects. A section of the grassroots says that this new strategy may have been taken to create pressure on Shuvendu.

Sujan Chakraborty, Ashok Bhattacharya and Anisur Rahman used to sit in the seat to the left of the seat reserved for the Shuvendus. This time Mukul Roy will sit there. There are many requests for seats in the assembly, many people want to reserve seats in advance by showing various reasons. However, no court came from Mukul Roy. So he was given a place next to Shuvendu. The BJP has more than one problem with Mukul Roy. He has been made a member of the Public Accounts Committee in the Legislative Assembly. Many think that even the chairman can be made. As a result, even though he is still the MLA of the ‘same’ party, he is waiting to see the Shuvendu-Mukul duo.

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