Sucharita an unstopable girl

NAME :-  Sucharita Debnath.
HOBBIES:-  Dancing.
AIM :-  Renowned Makeup Artist.
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On my starting career some of my family members were not allow me to do this job.
But my mother’s support and love boost me to create myself as a Professional Makeup Artist.
Though as a makeup artist I also got offers of Compomrise but I never bow down my head to get the job.
For this many people said many things but there also I done my job and left but never allowed them to touch me even .
1st of all I want to mention my mother who has died recently, Late Arati Debnath. Her daily struggle in life really inspire me to grow my self as MAKEUP ARTIST to stand myself in this environment. Mainly from her I have learned that how to struggle in own life. Now days I missed her a lot.
2ndly my teacher, respected MUA RRUMA DAS GUPTA. From her I have completed the makeup course nearly 5 years ago. She is my inspiration too.
And lastly all of my well wisher is also my inspiration.
Mua Sucharita Debnath
Contract :7278060431

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