The price is around one hundred, meanwhile there is no 5 number display system! The problem is most of the petrol pumps in the city – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: Burning fuel. Century of petrol in four districts. In Calcutta, the price of ‘black gold’ is one hundred rupees. Protests against petrol price hike in several districts of the state. In the last 5 days in Kolkata, little by little, petrol is on its way to the century. Increasing nerve pressure. Somewhere the price of petrol has reached one hundred. Again somewhere or at the doorstep of a hundred.

But in the meantime a new problem has been seen in most of the petrol pumps in the city Most petrol pump price display boards are not 5 number 6 As a result, if the price of petrol and diesel is Rs 100 or more, it is not possible to display it on the display board of the pump. Maximum 99.99 rupees can be shown There is no other way but by hand Somewhere in the state, work is being done by using marker pens or writing on paper This problem was first seen in 1990 For the first time that year, the price of petrol skyrocketed to double digits 2.39 was increased to 12 rupees 23 paise After 31 long years, petrol pumps are facing the same problem again The whole country is in trouble over the record increase in petrol and diesel prices

Meanwhile, the rise in diesel prices is likely to affect the transportation of goods. More than four hundred transport traders with hand posters on their heads.

Posta. The busiest wholesale market. From here the material reaches different districts of the state. About one thousand trucks are used to transport goods. Earlier, there were allegations of a business recession in Corona. This time the price of petrol and diesel has gone up. More than 400 transport traders with hand posters on their heads. They claim they have no choice but to increase transportation costs. Many traders are reluctant to pay extra rent. So it is alleged that there is a problem in keeping the transport business running. There are many trucks standing. Transport traders claim, insurance costs, tolls, car parts costs have risen. So there is no profit in delivering the essential items to the district at the old rent.

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