The sex worker’s son, who has a master’s degree, has found the language of mental anguish in the song

#Kolkata: Hard fight from the dead end. The son of a sex worker has a master’s degree today. Even today, there is a lot of pain in the corner of my mind. So the melody comes to the throat. Fascinated listeners.

Ratan Dolui. The language of the pain of the mind has found in the song. In tune. In the sex village of Sonagachi, which grew up small. Mother was a sex worker. The fight was even harder after learning to understand. Holds a master’s degree in social work beyond school boundaries. Highly educated. Ratan is still in Sonagachi after leaving his job in Mota Mine. Fight for sex workers, their children. Workplace Durbar Women’s Coordinating Association.

Mother died about five years ago. Another brother left Sonagachi. I have heard a lot of ridicule about being the child of a prostitute. Yet there is not the slightest hesitation to say mother is a sex worker. There is no shame. There is no shame. “I am the son of a sex worker,” he said. I am proud of this identity. ” He never hesitated to introduce his mother. Rather, the announcement on his face became the answer on the faces of others. Indomitable stubbornness in the corner of the mind. Because the mother taught that the benefit of man is the great religion.

Ratan’s mother lived in Birbhum. Lack of family with three brothers and sisters. So straight from Birbhum to Boubazar. Educated 3 siblings by choosing the profession of sex worker. Ratan Dalui became depressed while talking about his mother. Mother is no more today. However, he is in this place today due to his mother’s endless self-sacrifice. His mother was a sex worker. He never hid that identity. Thirty-year-old Ratan holds a master’s degree in social work. Now the workplace is the Durbar Women’s Coordinating Association. In the sex village of Sonagachi, which grew up since childhood. Mother was a sex worker. He never hesitates to say that. He said, ‘The sons and daughters of sex workers are not like rotten fish or meat in the market. They are all people of this society. They also know how to take part in every action of society. Yet many in the background mock him as a prostitute’s child. I don’t care about that. ‘

Now Ratan is doing research work with prostitutes. As a child, his mother came from Birbhum district to work in the sex village of Baubazar. There was not a very good income. So later he moved to Sonagachi from there. According to Ratan, his mother came to the sex village to educate his mother, three brothers and three sisters. One of Ratan’s uncles is working in the West Bengal Police today with that money. He lives in Burdwan for work.

The mother also educated her son Ratan by giving her life. That boy has now done research on prostitutes. Companion song. Of course, the stomach does not move. But the fascinated audience is golden.

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